The Moto 360 is currently our favorite Android Wear smartwatch on the market and, while that sentiment might change when LG releases its G Watch R, it’s also the best looking option. Now Motorola has a new commercial that runs through some of the smartwatch’s design features and functionality.

The ad starts by proclaiming that it’s “time for a modern timepiece” that can do much more than simply tell us what time it is. As the narrator speaks, the video camera pans across what appears to be some sort of design studio. The camera flies over a desk that explains the watch has a stainless steel body, scratch resistant glass and a band that’s crafted out of genuine leather. After the hardware is covered, the ad then focuses on usability, showing that it’s capable of receiving a notification and that a user can then use his or her voice to ask walking directions. It doesn’t really show off much else, like the wireless charging feature or Motorola’s impressive array of watchfaces, but it does show the beauty of Motorola’s creation.

Considering that this ad is likely built for the mass market, we think Motorola may finally get some people chatting about Android Wear. Now we just need Google and its developer partners to create more compelling reasons to actually choose Android Wear.