It's not often you get to touch a $2.8 million Lamborghini that lacks a windshield, but here in Geneva, Switzerland, TechnoBuffalo capitalized on the opportunity. Jon Rettinger gives us the play-by-play aside the Lamborghini Aventador J, the windshieldless Hyper Sport with a brooding 6.5-liter V12 engine that spews out 700HP. The Aventador J's model name is a nod to the FIA World Motorsport Association, citing its "Appendix J Regulations," which is a compilation of the required technical specifications of race cars in their particular classes. The Aventador J is a similar performer to its original Aventador cousin, offering a top speed of 186MPH, super-fast ISR transmission, permanent all-wheel drive and push-rod suspension. We're not sure if the Aventador J runs a similar 2.9-second 0-60 sprint like the traditional Aventador, but we do know that this sexy beast will not fare well in a raging sandstorm.