Unreal Tournament and Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has returned from retirement to develop a free-to-play arena shooter called BlueStreak, and we finally have a solid idea of what the game will look like. Bleszinski and his indie studio Boss Key showed off a bit of footage from the game at GDC 2015 this year, and wouldn't you know it? It uses Unreal Engine 4.

I mean, what else is Cliffy B going to use to make a game? I wonder if he got a special discount, oh wait! It's free.

BlueStreak puts the Unreal Engine 4 to good use in making a slick Asian setting for these gun battles to erupt in. That's all there is so far, but I can definitely get behind Blezsinski getting back to hits roots in the arena tournament sector of the shooting world.

Who can remember the days of Quake III versus Unreal Tournament? Back before the days of Halo and Call of Duty? I'm not even a PC gamer, but that debate was so huge that it spilled over into the console realm thanks to the powers of the Dreamcast. That's a retro argument to be had right there, and I always sided with the Unreal Tournamenters.