apple spaceship campus aerial photo

We've already seen plenty of renderings showing us what Apple's new spaceship campus will look like when it's finally complete, but today a new aerial photo of the worksite offers up a first real look the building's massive scale. The image, which was posted to Instagram by California news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi, shows how Apple's future campus is beginning to take form.

If everything goes according to plan, Apple's new campus will provide 3.42 million square feet of offices and labs along with a full fitness center and a 120,000 square foot auditorium. The building was designed with direct input from Steve Jobs, and it's made up of a giant ring with glass walls running around the sides and a huge open green space in the middle.

Apple broke ground on the project in late 2013, and progress on the new campus has been slow but steady so far. Back in April, the entire site had already been cleared, and now its foundations are starting to take form. Hopefully construction will pick up soon, though the company says phase one of construction won't be complete until 2016.