Apple quietly pulled the original iPad mini from its online store this week, which means Apple now only sells iPads with Retina displays.

Until recently, the iPad mini was available from Apple for $249, though we’re guessing it wasn’t as popular as the newer models with much sharper displays. With the company expected to announce an updated version later this year, it makes sense to clear some space in its iPad family. Then again, we doubt Apple would discontinue the device unless it stopped selling first.

The original iPad mini was also an outlier. It came without a Retina-level display and didn’t pack a 64-bit processor, unlike its two successors. As for the inevitable fourth-generation model, we’re expecting a slightly thinner design and a new processor.

There are a remaining few options if you still want the older iPad mini. 9to5Mac points to Amazon, where it’s available for $249.99 with limited stock, while Walmart offers the device for just $199.