iOS 9 Beta 5

It’s great that Apple, like Microsoft and Google, now lets anyone test new beta versions of its software. Sure, you have to be careful, but it’s a great way to dive into upcoming features if you know what you’re doing. Apple on Thursday released the first public beta of iOS 9.2, which was first pushed to developers on Tuesday.

It should offer all of the same features as that earlier release, which includes new “Action Extensions” inside of Safari on iPhones. That’s going to enable developers to create apps, such as 1Password, that can tap into the browser to provide additional functionality. There are other small niceties, too, like an option to reload the browser in desktop mode.

The beta is available now, just keep in mind that these releases get less buggy and more stable as the process moves along. Considering this is the first beta release of iOS 9.2, you might have a bit of a rocky road until future releases.