Tesla has been talking up its upcoming electric semi truck for months now. Back in April, Elon Musk released the first teaser image that was more of a silhouette with some lights. Tesla is set to officially unveil the truck on October 26, but that surprise will be slightly less surprising with the first image of the truck leaking out ahead of time.

A user posted an image on Reddit over the weekend of a futuristic-looking semi truck being lugged around in a flatbed. The image of the truck was taken somewhere in California.

Comparing the teaser Tesla released and the new image, the details of the truck line up. The most notable detail is the extended side fenders that give the truck a unique look. Overall, the truck looks ergonomic and electric.

As always, a gallant Reddit user took matters into his hands and photoshopped the fairing on top of the semi truck. It’s a rough cut, but you get the idea.

In response to the leak, Tesla gave its usual run-of-the-mill corporate statement: “Tesla’s policy is to always decline to comment on speculation.”

Back in August, we learned that the truck will have a range of 200-300 miles right off the bat. The falls in line with the usual range of Tesla’s EVs. But it’s not very reassuring given current diesel powered semi trucks can travel up to 1,000 miles on one tank.

Tesla is also planning on incorporating self-driving features into its electric semi truck, probably some form of Autopilot. Come October 26, Tesla should elaborate on some of these details.