GTAV Pest Control

Rockstar has been pretty tight lipped on their upcoming open-city crime epic Grand Theft Auto V. With only a handful of screenshots and a single teaser trailer to go off of, gamers have been left with nothing but speculation as to what the game will be like.

Next month though, Game Informer will be unleashing a huge amount of content in their Grand Theft Auto V cover issue. Besides a little insight into the gameplay and story, the long awaited release date will also be revealed.

Just to tease their audience, Rockstar has released the first example of artwork called Pest Control. Two men emerge from a bug extermination van parked along what could only be a California street. The only problem is they are armed with a bit more than simple bug spray, and I don't believe cockroaches are going to be their only victims.

This game is going to be huge. I am not the biggest Rockstar fan, but I do commend them for how they give their games plenty of time to simmer and sizzle before slowly developing another sequel. If Rockstar crammed this series down our throats year in and year out, would Grand Theft Auto have nearly the appeal that it has today?

No, it wouldn't, which is why this deserves to be the biggest game out there. You're getting something new every time.

[via Game Informer]