Last night during the Academy Awards, Samsung took to the airwaves to promote two of its brand new products that were introduced last week, including its new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone and the new Gear 2 smartwatch.

In the first commercial for the Galaxy S5, we can see that Samsung's primary focus is on the design. The camera moves slowly around the device – as Samsung teases it's the smartest and most innovating smartphone yet – before ending the commercial with the phrase: "The Next Big Thing is Here." Oddly enough, we noticed during the day yesterday that Samsung is still advertising the Galaxy S4 with that same catchphrase. Hopefully this commercial replaces all of the older ones, or there's going to be some confusion among consumers.

The Gear 2 spot was shot similarly, showing off the device's design and gold face. However, Samsung might have done better to point out some of the new features – like a heart rate monitor and better battery life – mainly because the watch looks quite similar to its predecessor. It does drive home the idea that Samsung's new smartwatch is one of the better looking out there, however.

We've embedded the Galaxy S5 ad above, as well as the Gear 2 video below.