For years we’ve heard reports that Samsung is working on bendable and foldable smartphones code named “Project Valley.” The company has continued to show advancements in display technology that have helped pave the way, and it may be ready to finally unveil the first fruits of its labor beginning next year.

Bloomberg said this week that Samsung is considering launching two new smartphones in 2017 with bendable screens. One device “folds in half like a cosmetic compact,” Bloomberg explained. Samsung’s product is likely very different from the Kyocera Echo. That phone had two displays that were not bendable and a hinge in the middle. The Samsung smartphone will likely offer a single display that folds on itself.

Samsung is reportedly considering launching the phones in February during Mobile World Congress, a month later than earlier rumors that suggested Project Valley devices will debut in January. There’s no word yet on what Samsung will call these devices. It typically uses Mobile World Congress to unveil its new Galaxy S smartphones, however, suggesting that Samsung may have a handful of devices on display next year.

Bloomberg’s report also reiterated claims that Samsung is considering switching to naming its Galaxy Note smartphone the “Galaxy Note 7” this year, skipping the Galaxy Note 6 moniker entirely.