The iPhone 5s' fingerprint identification might be stealing all the headlines these days, but Korean service provider Danal has slipped through the cracks and implemented the first technology which will allow monetary transactions to occur with just a swipe of the finger on an Android-based smartphone.

Partnered with fingerprint technology developer Crucialtec, Danal has rolled out the technology onto Korean phone developer Pantech's VEGA LTE-A smartphone. A downloadable app called BarTong will allow the phone to be used as a debit card or simple cash in convenient stores. The fingerprint scan will replace the need for a four-digit pin number.

"Since the iPhone 5s adopted fingerprint sensors, Android-based handset makers have been taking account the possibility of fingerprint functions," claims Payment Business Division Executive Lee Seock-hwan. "We will continue to partner with Crucialtec to unveil diverse fingerprint services for mobile payments."

Danal claims that its next goal is to expand its technology into the United States and China.

The fingerprint race is on, and the first length has been reached. Danal might have gotten there first, but who will do it best on a global scale?