Did you stay up late and order the Apple Watch on April 10? If so, you might soon find an alert that your new wearable is on its way to your doorstep.

MacRumors said it has learned that shipments are now underway, and that customers should soon be alerted of the impending arrival of their Apple Watch units. While it’s still technically a rumor, it makes sense: the Apple Watch officially “launches” on Friday, April 24, when customers should expect to begin receiving the device. Apple’s shipment window still suggests some early orders may not arrive until May 8, however.

Apple isn’t launching the Apple Watch in the same fashion it sells its other products. The wearable won’t be found in stores on April 24, and online orders are already backed up into June, suggesting that demand has far exceeded initial supply. If early orders are indeed going out, we should have fresh coverage for you later this week.