Amazon on Tuesday announced that the very first devices capable of automatically ordering their own supplies are now available for purchase. It's part of the company's "Dash Replenishment" program that was announced back in October and allows appliances and other gadgets to automatically replenish their own supplies, and are separate from the Amazon Dash button.

The first such gadgets include a GE washer, several Brother printers and the GMate SMART blood glucose monitor, Amazon said. The washing machine will automatically order new soap when it knows you're running low, and the same tech applies to the other gadgets, too. Amazon said more than 45 Brother printers are capable of ordering new ink when they know they're about to run out.

"GE's washer with Smart Dispense technology stores detergent and automatically dispenses the right amount for each load so customers don't have to worry about it," Amazon explained. "With Dash Replenishment, customers use the associated app to set their preferred preorder level and Amazon delivers detergent when supply is running low."

These are just the first few brands out of many, including Whirlpool, Samsung, Brita and others that will support the service, which will no doubt soon apply to all sorts of appliances, from coffee machines to smart pet-food dispensers.