Phoenix Wright is returning from retirement, and he's sporting a brand new shiny look in his latest adventure Ace Attorney 5 for the 3DS.

Gone are the slick sprites of the Game Boy Advance games, and while its kind of sad, these new 3D models do a great job recreating the original look. What's even stranger though is getting a totally different vantage point of Phoenix. I never realized it until this trailer, but we've only ever had that low angle of him during gameplay. I don't mind seeing the camera move around the courtroom a bit, but I hope they bring back that fast editing style.

The wacky character design is also back with Phoenix Wright interrogating a dude who is obviously the insane serial bomber responsible for the demolition of the courtroom seen in the opening shots. Seeing their mouths move but have no words come out is a bit awkward, so I'm willing to bet we'll finally see some voice acting this time around.

No launch window has been given yet, but Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed for an American release.

[via Destructoid]