Lawsuit Gavel

A company named Cascades Computer Innovation that owns 100 patents has filed infringement suits against Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and Dell.

"Defendants have contracted, combined and conspired to restrain trade by jointly refusing to negotiate or accept licenses under the Cascades patents," the company said in the suit, according to PCWorld. "Defendants' goal is to force either a drastically reduced royalty for rights under the Cascades patents or no royalty payment at all." The company has reportedly also argued that the aforementioned handset manufacturers are infringing on a patent related to how Android apps are installed; it has also accused the firms of breaking antitrust laws with a third-party company called RPX.

"The individual manufacturing defendants all agreed among themselves and with RPX not to negotiate independently with Cascades and to present a unified, concerted effort to oppose licensing and enforcement of the Cascades patents, with the objective of causing Cascades to abandon its efforts, accept a below-market-value offer by RPX or go out of business by virtue of the expense of litigation," the company said in its lawsuit, which was filed last week in a California court.

It appears as though Cascades believes Motorola, LG, Samsung, Dell and HTC have hidden behind RPX, which describes itself as a "provider of patent risk solutions," instead of trying to reach agreements with Cascades.

[via PCWorld]