Pretty much everyone loves fireworks, but what you don't enjoy is the cleanup, the smell of gunpowder and the cost. Thankfully we live in a wonderful age of technology where you can just make your own fireworks displays on your phone or tablet!

We've gathered up five apps that may help you enjoy the festivities without the hassles.


There's no kidding around here as the name of the app alone tells you what this one is all about. Fireworks will let you shoot off colorful displays over 15 of the most famous monuments in the world, and even off to the moon if you like. In addition to just making pretty colors and explosion sounds, you can also use it as a visualizer for iTunes.

($.99: iOS)

Fireworks Arcade

As opposed to other fireworks apps that just make things explode on the screen, Fireworks Arcade additionally gives you games inspired by the celebratory explosives.  If you don't feel like playing, then you can just sit back and watch a pre-designed show and just revel in the display.

(Free: AndroidiOS)

Firework Builder

Firework Builder lives up to its name and allows you to build and customize your own fireworks and then try them out "in the night sky." (AKA on your screen.)

(Free: iOS)

Firework Fever

Pyro Pete has overslept and he needs to collect the fireworks for the big show tonight. Can you help him gather them all up in time and make it to the show? This free app comes to you courtesy of the Black Cat Fireworks company.

(Free: iOS)

Musical Fireworks HD

High resolution graphics look awesome on the iPad with this application, but you may want to provide your own music as the songs leave a bit too be desired.

($.99: iOS)

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