It’s safe to say that Firewatch has officially become a critically loved, indie success story. It sold roughly 500,000 copies in its first month on digital shelves.

Campo Santo and publisher Panic have revealed a look at this game’s first month, complete with sales results, some interesting writing and incredible fan art (like what you see below).

Firewatch Fanart

They also talk a bit about how they’re still making improvements to the game, citing the problems with the PlayStation 4 version and their work to improve it.

…a lot of people weren’t happy with the game’s performance on PlayStation 4, so the team cranked and quickly pushed out a PS4 patch that dramatically improved the PS4 experience.

And the great thing: we’re not quite done. We’re still fixing bugs. And we’re still working on ways to improve performance all across the board, including on PlayStation 4 and the Mac. There’s more to come.

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