Firewatch is one of our most exciting PC games of 2015, and today you’ll have a quick glance at why we made the decision to include it in games to look forward to. The folks at IGN nabbed 17 minutes of gameplay for the world to enjoy, and that’s what you have in the video above.

In Firewatch, players take a job working at a national park in order to, you guessed it, watch for fires. Something’s amiss in this mystery game, though, as our hero explores his world with the only human contact coming in the voice at the end of a two-way radio.

The game features really interesting aesthetics, an awesome take on the wilderness and some compelling and rather suspenseful themes. Even in the 17 minute clip above, all of that comes through decently.

I will say that the field of view, how much of the world can be seen at one time, feels rather narrow in the clip above. So much so that I found myself straining to keep pace with the video. I hope that’s addressed with a slider, though only time will tell there.

What do you think of Firewatch? It’s bound for PCs this year, it’s coming from developer Campo Santo and it offers a really nice official site. They are looking at consoles for this game, though nothing has been made official on that front just yet.