Mozilla officially gave up on making a Firefox app for iOS back in 2013, blaming Apple's restrictive App Store policies. Now, over a year later, the company says it's ready to try again. The news was announced during a private event this week, and quickly shared online by Mozilla Release Manager Lukas Blakk.

Last time the two companies clashed, Mozilla claimed the problem was Apple's insistence that third-party iOS browsers use its own JavaScript and rendering engine. Nothing's changed on Apple's end since then, so it looks like Firefox may finally be willing to cave to Cupertino's demands. After all, Google plays by Apple's rules and still managers to offer a solid browser for iOS devices with Chrome.

Either way, the new Firefox for iOS app should still feature easy syncing for tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords across all your devices, like it already does on Android. We're also hoping for the same customization options and added security, though it's possible not everything Mozilla's browser has to offer will make it to your iPhone.