Lets take a look at the chart for this month and see how it stacks up against the previous.  All measurements are according to NetMarketshare.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Jan 2011 10.70% 22.75% 56.00% 2.28% 6.30%
Feb 2011 10.93% 21.74% 56.77% 2.15% 6.36%

Google Chrome continued its growth, but by a more modest .23% than we’ve seen from them in a while.  It’s still growth, but not like the massive gains it has been enjoying.


The rest of the market had some major shifts, and they were reverse of the trends we’ve been seeing as of late.  The biggest shocker was that Mozilla Firefox lost a stunning 1.01%.  While not a huge loss, it’s the biggest move we’ve seen by the browser, and it wasn’t in the direction that a company wants to be going.

Speaking of drops, Opera has fallen to the lowest point we’ve seen since we started keeping track over a year ago.  While it generally bounced in the same range month after month,, 2.15% is the lowest point yet for the browser, but I certainly wouldn’t count them out.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer really came out with a surprise this past month, growing by .77%.  Like Firefox, that isn’t exactly a huge move, but it is a complete reverse of a losing trend that IE has been on for ages.  The only other time in the past 14 months that IE didn’t lose ground was last July, so we can’t exactly call this a complete change of the trend yet.

Somewhat like a ninja, Apple’s Safari just silently sits out there by itself, growing every month in drips and drabs, but growth none the less.  Sure a mere .06% growth for the month may not seem like much, but considering it just does it month in, month out, that does add up to a lot of ground covered.

What do you think?  Did you change your primary browser in February?