Firefox logoAfter a seemingly endless round of beta releases, Mozilla has officially launched its Firefox 4 browser.  Not surprisingly, the non-profit company promises that Firefox 4 is the best version yet of its software, and it better be as the company is quickly losing some ground in its share of the browser market.

Mozilla is promising a lot of new and updated features in the latest release including a drastically re-imagined toolbar.  There are also several new features for tab management including the ability to turn sites into “apps” so that they have a permanent home in your browser bar as well as a new tool called “Panorama” that will allow you to group tabs however you see fit.  Also nice, although not wholly original, is the secure synchronization that will allow you have the same history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across multiple devices.

Considering the downward slide Firefox has been on as of late against the ever gaining Google Chrome, an improved version of the browser was definitely in order.  The question now is if it will truly improve on the “bloat” that most users complain about when it comes to this one-time upstart of the browser world.  Speed and less frustration is what could win the day for this browser, but how will it perform after two or three months of use?  Only time will tell.

You can download Firefox 4 at the official site.

What do you think?  Will you give Firefox 4 a try?