The Fire Phone has faced some criticism since it was announced earlier this week, but Amazon didn’t simply build a device for kicks. Instead, the company spent four years researching the phone and thinking of ways to help differentiate it in the crowded global smartphone market. In a recent interview with Re/Code, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos provided some background on the device.

“A little over four years ago, Fire phone took form,” Bezos explained. “It didn’t have that name at that time. The ideas were things like Dynamic Perspective.” Bezos added that Firefly, the feature that lets you point the phone at more than 100 million objects to identify it, was also one of the original features dreamed up for the smartphone. Bezos also touched on some other Fire Phone subjects.

One criticism has been the pricing. It seemed possible that Amazon could have come in with a lower price to be more aggressive, but Bezos said that $199 is still very aggressive considering it launches with four cameras, 32GB of storage and a robust set of features like Firefly and Dynamic PerspectiveRe/Code asked about whether or not we’ll see some sort of Prime data plan, which was rumored leading up to the phone’s launch. “It is something we would look at in the future,” Bezos said.