Amazon’s Fire Phone is a dud, no doubt about it. The company originally launched the device exclusively on AT&T and required a contract. That obviously didn’t sit well with consumers or, for that matter, the entire tech industry, which thought Amazon was originally going to sell the device unlocked in the first place.

The retailer quickly dropped the price to 99 cents with a new two year contract, but the damage was already done. Amazon is now sitting on $83 million worth of unsold Fire Phone inventory and, to help alleviate that, it has once again dropped the price.

This time, however, Amazon priced the Fire Phone at a point that, arguably, should have been the original cost when it first launched. You can now pick up an unlocked GSM model for just $199, no contracts or anything. That model comes with 32GB of storage and still includes a year of Amazon prime, which is worth $99. If you’re considering signing up for another year anyway, you can basically get a phone for $100. Not too bad.

The Fire Phone offers some compelling features, especially if you’re already deeply invested in its ecosystem of apps, music, streaming movies and more, but it’s limited in that it doesn’t offer full access to Google Play Services and the full Android appstore. If those aren’t of concern to you, then by all means hit the jump and pick one up – it might not be too shabby as a secondary unlocked device.

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