Just over a year after it first hit the market, the Fire Phone is finally dead. Amazon is no longer selling the device, and a company representative told GeekWire that the troubled smartphone is sold out. We have a feeling Amazon won’t be restocking anytime soon.

The Fire Phone launched to plenty of excitement, but it ultimately failed to deliver much of anything beyond a few cool gimmicks. The decision to price the device at $200 with a 2-year contract also turned some people off. Amazon slashed prices soon afterwards, but it only confirmed that the new phone was a flop.

If Amazon does come out with a second-generation smartphone it probably won’t be for a while. The company reportedly fired dozens of employees from its Lab126 division, which was responsible for the Fire Phone along with a number of scrapped hardware projects. It’s definitely not a bad idea to take some extra time and start from scratch with this one, though we’re still not convinced anyone really wants a Fire Phone 2 in the first place.