Fire Emblem If will have two separate campaigns. They will be split by White Kingdom and Black Kingdom. White Kingdom will be much more approachable, and it’s been built with fans who joined the series with Fire Emblem: Awakening in mind.

Black Kingdom? Not only will it be harder, but will also feature more complicated victory requirements in conflicts.

Masahiro Higuchi of developer Intelligent Systems and Nintendo’s Hitoshi Yamagami had a chat with 4Gamer about Fire Emblem If, as we have it from Siliconera. In that chat, they revealed that the Black Kingdom will require players to do things like defend a base, break through enemy lines, hold enemies back or win within a certain number of turns.

Interestingly, Intelligent Systems will have gamers who buy the game digitally make their choice between campaigns after some initial play and with a forced download. Yeah, strange. Here’s the basic gist of how that whole thing works from Yamagami.

“To be more precise, once you choose a route, you’ll need to perform another download [for the digital version to access the route you chose]. Of course, this will be after you’ve already made your purchase, so you won’t have to pay [for choosing your route] again.”

The downside here? Once you choose between Black or White, the other campaign becomes paid DLC. Strange, right?

Nintendo offers no clarity on pricing here, and it’s totally possible that Nintendo of America and Europe will use completely different models for Fire Emblem If.

I’m really not sure how I feel about this. It’s an interesting model, to be sure. It seems to me the best way to look at this is like looking at two separate games. White Kingdom is the easier game, Black Kingdom is tougher. Looking at them like paid day one DLC just sort of hurts my brain.