Nintendo's Fire Emblem franchise has finally made the leap from a pure strategy game to a life simulator. The transition has been slow in coming, but a new announcement from this weekend's Nintendo Direct makes it official. The latest game in the franchise, Fire Emblem If, will allow players to make a "My Castle."

Building a "My Castle" will open up a whole new level of customization that players can bring to their Fire Emblem experience. A trailer from the Nintendo Direct explains it, but you'l need to speak Japanese to understand. It's fine though, because the visuals do a pretty decent job spelling out the basics. Item and weapon shops are now able to be built on the castle's empty lots, heroes can be accessorized with bits of jewelry and clothing, and who needs to grind in dangerous dungeons anymore now that characters can simply train indoors?

Of course, Nintendo has included a Street Pass function which allows passing gamers' castles to be available to explore both their grounds and their stores' wares. The Fire Emblem amiibo also work with the "My Castles," summoning the character into the game for a chance to interact.

Don't worry. The Fire Emblem series will still adhere to the hardcore strategy roots that appeases longtime fans, so consider this just an additional reward for all your efforts. It's nice to see Nintendo stepping in with a castle building system, filling in for Konami and the absent Suikoden series.

Fire Emblem If launches for the Nintendo 3DS on June 25 in Japan.