Fire Emblem If is the next game in the franchise from Intelligent Systems. It’s releasing on the Nintendo 3DS, and it will hit Japan on June 25, 2015. As its launch date is so close, Nintendo of Japan has released a more than seven minute long introduction trailer.

You can see that above.

Yes, it’s in Japanese. There’s a lot of information here that you simply won’t be able to understand given the text heavy explanations for the mechanics in Fire Emblem. However, there’s plenty of gameplay, art and cutscenes to take in. Hooray, it looks like the models have feet!

Fire Emblem If presents a unique setup for the storyline in the game. This is a first for the series, and its pricing will be a bit strange for the western world.

There are two campaigns within the game, a black and white tale. The white tale is easier while the black tale is more difficult and complicated. You’ll make a choice after a few hours in the game regarding which faction you’ll head towards. That choice will determine which game you play for the money you paid. If you finish, say, the black campaign and want to play the white one, you’ll need to buy it.

This is how they’re releasing the game in Japan. We’re not sure what the western arms of Nintendo are going to do. I assume it will be different, but that’s just a guess.

We’ll likely learn more next week at E3. Stay tuned for more from Fire Emblem If.