Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s next upcoming smart device game. It’s a tactical RPG that spans the Fire Emblem universe.

This stars characters from all over Fire Emblem lore. That means new heroes and those you’ve used for years. They might be friends, or they’ll be foes.

As for the gameplay itself? It looks like a Fire Emblem title on a mobile device, and that includes the standard maps and the weapon system that forms the rock, paper, scissors style. What about permadeath? It looks like that doesn’t happen with this game. Instead, heroes head back to your base when defeated instead of disappearing forever.

The heroes are done up with new art, and there’s new voice work for each. The game looks like it features a high level of polish, too.

Fire Emblem Heroes looks perfect for mobile, but what about specifics like launch date and price? It’s bound for the Android platform first. Google Play will have it on February 2nd, 2017. iOS is next, though Nintendo didn’t announce when it’ll drop. This will be a free download with in-app purchases, though how that will work was not announced.

Updated: Pre-registration is up for Fire Emblem Heroes on Google Play. This will let you know when the game is live.