Well, this is weird. Last night, Nintendo officially revealed their Fire Emblem mobile game. It’s called Fire Emblem Heroes.

The game was announced to launch on February 2nd on Google Play. In the slide with that news, Nintendo noted that iOS devices would get it “soon.” Check that out below.

Fire Emblem Heroes Availability Slide

Turns out that’s not specific enough. iPhone and iPad owners will have access to Fire Emblem Heroes on the same day as Android. Nintendo clarified that news in a tweet hours after the announcement.

Maybe a case of not updating the Direct before showing

The only thing I can think of here is that when the Direct was actually made, Android was the platform with the confirmed Feb. 2 release date. iOS likely wasn’t 100% yet. Between when the Direct was made and the premiere, Nintendo locked up the iOS launch date.

They just didn’t update the presentation.

That’s the only way I can logic the disparity between the two official sources of information. Not that it matters too much. Fire Emblem Heroes will be available on both Android and iOS on Feb. 2, 2017.