Nintendo launched Fire Emblem Heroes on iOS and Android on February 2, 2017. In less than half a day, it was downloaded more than a million times.

So far, it’s made $5 million in revenue.

This comes from Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima in a lengthy interview with Time. Kimishima explained that Nintendo’s trying different monetization models with its mobile games, citing Super Mario Run‘s lump payment model and the free-to-play style of Fire Emblem Heroes.

“As a result of these experiments with monetization styles, we’re gaining what you might call confidence in our mobile business efforts.”

Fire Emblem‘s a relatively minor Nintendo franchise

Personally, I love Fire Emblem. It’s one of my favorite Nintendo franchises. The tactical strategy genre is one I routinely unwind with, and Fire Emblem‘s penchant for quality is top-notch.

With that in mind, it’s certainly not as popular as other Nintendo franchises. Consider Fire Emblem next to MarioZelda or Pokémon, and the series is dwarfed. It’s huge that Nintendo’s giving the game attention, and I think they’re likely happy with the revenue the game has generated so far.

At the time of writing this post, it’s sitting in top spot for free games on Google Play, and it’s in the fourth spot for the top grossing games. If Nintendo does this right, that could improve.

Have you tried Fire Emblem Heroes yet?