The Nintendo 3DS owning world is about to get its Fire Emblem on with Fire Emblem Fates. We reviewed the game, and we loved the latest entry in the series.

The catch? Well, this one presents a really interesting choice and sales method for gamers.

At the tail end of the sixth chapter of the game, you’ll be given a choice. This choice essentially boils down to which campaign you’d like to play. There are three to choose from, and playing more than one will cost you $20.

Right, that last bit needs explaining. Unless you land a special bundle, buying Fire Emblem Fates will allow you access to either Conquest or Birthright for the original cost of the game. Once you play one of those campaigns, you can play any other if you pony up $19.99. The campaigns are massive, so they’re worth the price if you want more Fire Emblem.

Which campaign should you pick, though? That’s up to you, but here’s the rundown of each campaign.


I started with Birthright. It seemed the natural way to go given that it’s the easiest of the options. I figured I’d start there and work my way up.

Birthright is a touch too easy, though. I didn’t mind, because I knew that I’d be diving into Conquest immediately after. This campaign has a solid story, but making money and finding items comes much, much easier in Birthright than in Conquest or Revelation.

If you’re newer to the Fire Emblem series or you want to start easy before ramping up, Birthright is what you want to play.


The middle campaign, Conquest, is absolutely a tougher route. Money is harder to find, weapons don’t come as easily and the entire Castle building experience is much more important because of those two facts.

Plus, as I’m slowly finding out, the battles seem a bit more difficult.

This is the more complex game, and it offers unique classes of fighter to boot. If you’re a Fire Emblem vet and you miss the atrition of the old titles, go this route to start. You can always snag Birthright later.


Finally, Revelation is available as a downloadable campaign. Nintendo recommends that you play this one after playing the others, and I’d agree.

It’s the hardest campaign, but that’s just a part of the reason. Revelation explores some of what happens in Conquest and Birthright from a different angle. Playing it first would spoil the stories for those games.

So, which will you choose?

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