Fire Emblem Fates continues the renaissance that Nintendo’s classic strategy RPG series has been undergoing for the past few years. Despite controversies on both the localization and distribution fronts, most Fire Emblem fans put their disgruntlement aside, if they had any at all, and chipped in to make Fire Emblem Fates the biggest game in series history.

In fact, it sold a grand total of 300,000 units in its first weekend alone in North America. That’s five times the amount that the record-setting Fire Emblem: Awakening sold back in 2012! No doubt, these figures were boosted by Nintendo’s plan to split the game into two versions. It’s unknown how this figure splits between both Birthright and Conquest, and Nintendo hasn’t mentioned if it includes gamers blasting through the campaign and picking up the other quest at half price.

All Nintendo said was Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright sold a bit better with Conquest “coming close behind.”

Without question, a small portion of these numbers come from players blundering and buying the “wrong” version, such as your’s truly. I didn’t research the differences or heed Joey’s advice on which version to pick up, and I bought Birthright because I’m a sucker for the “good guy” story. However, after I made my purchase, I read that Conquest plays a lot more like the older games with little to no grinding, and that put me in the mood to play it instead.

I snagged up Conquest at full price as well. If I like Birthright, I’ll definitely be picking up the final Revelation campaign when it launches on March 10 for $19.99.

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