Fire Emblem Fates (or Fire Emblem If, as its known currently in Japan) is an odd release. It arrives with two separate campaigns. In Japan, if you buy it digitally, you get the game and your choice of campaign. You pay for the second, if you want it.

Fire Emblem Fates hits Japan on June 25, 2015. In July, a third scenario is set to release as extra DLC. This one is going to be about as lengthy as Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s campaign, too, so expect a completely new set of faces and a story line apart from the Black and White tale in Fates alone. The word on this comes from Japanese gaming outlet Dengeki as translated by Siliconera.

The DLC will sell for 2,000 yen, or roughly $16 here in the States.

Fire Emblem Fates is still a ways off in the west. It’s not due until 2016, as of last check at E3. We have no idea how this DLC will pan out by then, so stay tuned for more.