The Nintendo 3DS can be praised for a lot of wonderful gaming moments over the years, but if I were to point towards its biggest contribution to gaming, I would happily praise it for giving the Fire Emblem series a second life on the market. From Awakening to the upcoming Echoes, each has been a critical and financial hit, and each has found marvelous ways to push the aging series forward.

All good thing must come to an end, though. Speaking with Dengeki Nintendo, series producer Hitoshi Yamagami hinted that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will likely be the last mainline game from the series to hit the Nintendo 3DS. Afterwards, it will migrate to the Nintendo Switch much like the rest of the free world.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia launches for the Nintendo 3DS on May 19.

Still have Fire Emblem Warriors to look forward to

Don’t get all misty-eyed yet because Nintendo is still bringing Fire Emblem Warriors to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. The difference is that this game is a “musou” style game and it comes from the king of “musou” action, Omega Force at Koei Tecmo. It’s not a real Fire Emblem game from Intelligent Systems, but it’s something at least.

As for its future on the Switch, I like the idea of remaking each of the older games, but, as usual, I would prefer to see the original games tag along side them. Remakes are a fine way to compliment a classic game, but they should never act as a replacement.