There was once a time, not too long ago either, that Nintendo nearly killed off its Fire Emblem franchise. After a small boost in the West thanks to the excellent Game Boy Advance games, the franchise took a sharp stumble when it decided to reach out to the GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo DS for further entries. Although solid, the games didn’t sell nearly as well, and Nintendo almost re-purposed the series into a science fiction setting, hoping to lure in more fans.

Intelligent Systems had one more shot with Fire Emblem Awakening, and boy-oh-boy did they aim for the stars with that one. Not only is it one of the best games in the franchise to date, it is also the best selling! Nintendo has revealed, via a Japanese promo site for its upcoming sequel Fire Emblem If, that Fire Emblem Awakening has sold 1.79 million copies worldwide since it first launched in 2012 in Japan.

Not bad for a franchise that was nearly canned.

Fire Emblem Awakening still has a nice permanent home on my Nintendo 3DS, and I dive in again every once in a while for a battle or two. I don’t like it as much as the first Game Boy Advance game, but it definitely has the lasting power to become a classic down the line.

And we still have one huge question about the game. What happened to their feet?!!