Fire Emblem Awakening

From this point on, all arguments about Nintendo abandoning the hardcore gamer are null and void. People can argue about refusing to cater towards third-parties' needs or their most popular franchises being watered to appeal to a new generation. The fact that they are still regularly releasing Fire Emblem games offset any available criticisms.

Nintendo doesn't have a series more hardcore than Fire Emblem. Ever since bringing it to America for the first time back on the Game Boy Advance, the series has found a small but loyal following of gamers who love to have their heads smashed in. The Fire Emblem games are about as hard as any game came be in this day and age, save for the Souls games. Very few series can brag about retaining the same level of difficulty carried from way back in the NES days, but Fire Emblem is always there to remind us about how much easier everything has become.

Nintendo confirmed the latest in the series, Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS, would eventually make it stateside. Thanks to the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast, we now have a set date. Funnel all of your masochistic tendencies into February 4th, because Nintendo is going to be returning all the complaints you've been giving them over the last few years by at least ten fold. Of course, this will be in the form of grueling and sadistic RPG strategy gameplay.

If you're new to the world of Fire Emblem, or are just jumping aboard for the first time, approach with caution. These games are not for the weak of heart. However, I would argue that they are the consistently best series Nintendo has going for them right now. Always fun, always solid, always rewarding, and never a let down.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will be released on February 4th for the 3DS, and that is still the day which is incidentally the day I will finally pick up a 3DS.

[via Super Awesome Boss Number 1 Joey Davidson]

Editor's Note: Pretty much the best source I've ever seen. – Joey