Apple on Wednesday added Find Friends to, where you can now take advantage of the friend-finding application that’s already present on iOS devices.

Find Friends can be kind of creepy, at least if you’re like me and don’t really want your friends and family always knowing where you are. But for small companies that might use the feature to keep track of employees in the field, or families who want to keep a watchful eye on children, it’s a useful application for making sure everyone is out of harm’s way, and where they’re supposed to be.

The Web interface on iCloud is similar to the mobile one, allowing you to easily tap on friends or family and see where they are on a large map. You can zoom in on each contact to get more precise location details, and there are options for viewing the map in standard, satellite and hybrid modes. A small bar next to each contact shows how far each contact is from you.

Head to iCloud now to check out the new feature.