TechnoBuffalo DefinesTechnoBuffalo Defines is a weekly thing here on the range, where every Tuesday we give you guys a new tech term to define. You give us your best shot at a definition in the comments, and then the TechnoBuffalo staff picks our favorites from the mix, posts them on Thursdays as a poll, and let you all vote for who you think did the best job of explaining the term to everyone else- with the winner walking away with a cool prize

This week's term was: troll

We looked through the responses and picked these as our favorites. Now it's your time to decide! You have until 12am Sunday to vote for your favorite.

REMINDER: We were only able to pick people who left a comment on the original post while signed in through Facebook or Twitter, or who left their contact info with their comments. You couldn't win if we didn't have a way to contact you! If that applies to you, make sure to remember to leave some form of contact or sign in next time!

Choice 1: Oliver Simon Troll (n): A troll is what everybody will become at some point in their life. Mostly found from ten years of age, up until the early twenties (except those in their thirties, who still live in their parents' basement), trolls are creatures that resemble humans in an extremely irritable state. They can be found in a dark cave, only illuminated by a computer monitor. This cave is often messy and shut away from the rest of society. Because of this dark cave, the troll grows less and less social as time goes on. This antisocial behavior causes the troll to be extremely arrogant and criticize others, including other trolls. When two trolls criticize each other, this is known as a "Flame War," and may take a long time to stop. Trolls may bait their pray with "sammiches," improper spelling or grammar,  or an argument criticizing the majority of people reading. Trolls can be entertaining if not directed at you. Trolls are a species that, if not contained, will keep growing and eventually consume the world.

examples of a troll's behavior:

1 – lolz. you're an idiot. You're so stupid. 2 – yu cn coome ovverr heeear. We haz gots lotsa sammiches

Choice 2: Frikki Freydai A troll is someone how hates on all videos and thinks he is funny when everyone just finds them annoying. They try to find the smallest thing wrong with the video and "hate" on it. They say that everything is gay and fake and nothing is perfect for them. They'r home is a computer and they never leave there home. They feed on being mean to other people and no one should listen to them. I have one message to them "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it!".

Choice 3: Mateo Delgado A troll is, in my words, is one who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers.

Choice 4: Lorenzo Michael DePrado Lives under a bridge and hates apple.

Choice 5: Aiden sher Troll Adj. (tu-role) A person who is jealous of another persons video and feels the need to hate on it. Example "ur such a poop ur videos suck hahahaha im so much better than you even though i dont post vids." It makes them feel big. Trolls can also be seen on various forums and sites like technobuffalo. As RayWilliamJohnson points out in his many videos trolls are poops that should go away. Troll can also be a green people with warts that scares fairy tail princesses away, but i don't think were talking about that.