TechnoBuffalo DefinesTechnoBuffalo Defines is a weekly thing here on the range, where every Tuesday we give you guys a new tech term to define. You give us your best shot at a definition in the comments, and then the TechnoBuffalo staff picks our favorites from the mix, posts them on Thursdays as a poll, and let you all vote for who you think did the best job of explaining the term to everyone else. With the winner walking away with a cool prize

This week's term was: netbook

We looked through the responses and picked these as our favorites. Now it's your time to decide! You have until 12am Sunday to vote for your favorite.

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Choice 1: Jeremy R. Herman

Netbook: (n) A useless, cheap attempt to make a smaller more portable laptop. There is a reason why the price of a laptop dwarfs that of the average netbook, it is because after a couple of minutes after the first bootup the netbook decides to take a break and never function properly again. Turn to 'BB Playbook' 'Android Tablet' 'iPad 2′ or '11" Macbook Air' for much more reasonable, portable options that actually work and last long. Smartphone is another amazing, more useful alternative.

Choice 2: Scott Green

Netbook: A personal portable computer that designed to be light in weight, and usable to accomplish quick and easy tasks away from ones primary computing location. A netbook is also able to do real computing tasks, such as remote desktop administration, connecting to vpn, and other generic admin and troubleshooting functions – all while being remote.

Choice 3: Evan Piascik

A netbook is a laptop that has branches of subnotebooks, with a screen size between 6-10 in. Also know as "companion devices", this type of computer is not made for performance, but for it's price which can range from >100 – >700. The processor is also left out with usually the cheapest the company can find. The type of people who use these would be college students that need money or efficient adults. This laptop is specifically made general computing and surfing the internet, not storing huge files or storing massive software. Overall, this laptop is meant lightness, and price, not huge files.

Choice 4: Moses Wayne

A netbook is a miniature notebook with an affordable price tag. They usually from 5-12 inches in screen size and ranging in price from 250-600 dollars. They have limited processing power, often fueled off of the Intel Atom processor which is usually clocked at around 1-2.1 GHz on a single core. RAM ranges from 512 MB to 2GB depending on the price tag. The netbook's primary purpose, as suggested by the name, is to surf the internet, but it is also used as a media tool. The specs that differ it from a laptop/notebook is the single cored processor with its limited processing power, the smaller amounts of RAM, and the usually smaller HDD. The keyboard is often shrunk to conserve space as well as the trackpad. In all, a netbook is really a smaller and cheaper version of a laptop with dumbed down specs.

Choice 5: brodieduncan

Netbook: Useless piece of tech