TechnoBuffalo DefinesA few weeks ago we wrote a post where everyone here at TechnoBuffalo defined the term Fanboy. You guys had some great definitions of your own to contribute, so we’ve decided to keep the TechnoBuffalo Defines magic going, and offer some prizes in the process!

TechnoBuffalo Defines is a new weekly this here on the range, where every Tuesday we give you guys a new tech term to define. You give us your best shot at a definition in the comments, and then the TechnoBuffalo staff picks our favorites from the mix, posts them on Thursdays as a poll, and let you all vote for who you think did the best job of explaining the term to everyone else.

This weeks term was: n00b

We looked through the responses and picked these as our favorites. Now it’s your time to decide! You have until 12am Sunday to vote for your favorite.

We were only able to pick people who left a comment on the original post while signed in through Facebook or Twitter, or who left their contact info with their comments. You couldn’t win if we didn’t have a way to contact you! If that applies to you, make sure to remember to leave some form of contact or sign in next time!

Choice 1: marquesb82

noob [“Newb”] – Noun – Short for ‘newbie,’ A beginner at any activity, most often inexperienced at basic gameplay or online activities.

“You see that? I shot you. Again… n00b”

“How do I work this thing?”

Choice 2: Quinn n00b (n): The act of being a newbie at something, typically gaming. e.g. You can’t even quick scope that guy on the easiest map?! You’re such a n00b!

noob (v): The act of doing something as a n00b would. Often used in several contexts such as: n00b, n00bsauce, n00bish, etc. e.g. You spilled your coffee without even touching it? That was the most n00bish thing anyone has ever done!

Choice 3: Togsy

n00b: the exact opposit of a pro

Jimmy: “I was wondering, what is the opposite of a professional?”

Togsy: “that would be a n00b. N00b”

Choice 4: Ely Skyy
1. A person who has an unusually high amount of inexperience; worse than a novice or newbie. 2. To have an extensive lack of knowledge on any subject; often referring to a player in online video gaming.

Choice 5: Jeankyy

N00b – Word used to describe people which are unexperienced or beginner. The origin from the word is from professional work or video games or even sports, (for example : this basketball player is new and plays like a n00b, this modern warfare player is level 9 what a n00b). The word n00b is many times mistaken with other people like cheaters or unsporting conducts. N00b is mainly used for aggressive conducts although it shouldn’t.