TechnoBuffalo DefinesA few weeks ago we wrote a post where everyone here at TechnoBuffalo defined the term Fanboy. You guys had some great definitions of your own to contribute, so we’ve decided to keep the TechnoBuffalo Defines magic going, and offer some prizes in the process!

TechnoBuffalo Defines is a new weekly this here on the range, where every Tuesday we give you guys a new tech term to define. You give us your best shot at a definition in the comments, and then the TechnoBuffalo staff picks our favorites from the mix, posts them on Thursdays as a poll, and let you all vote for who you think did the best job of explaining the term to everyone else.

This weeks term was +1

Google recently announced “+1” functionality for Google searches. The service allows you to give any search result a “+1,” that will then be shared with your friends when they perform searches. So, what does +1 mean?

We looked through the responses and picked these as out favorites. Now it’s your time to decide! You have until 12am Sunday to vote for your favorite.

Choice 1 +1 is Google’s way of promoting content — social, political, educational, humorous, you name it — by providing a quick and effective means to “bookmark” and recommend sites for others, such as friends and followers. – Cameron Wu

Choice 2 +1 [Pr. pluhs wuhn] v. : The google web-search equivalent of “liking” something on facebook.

Adam: Did you “+1” my website on google?

Steve: No, but I “liked” it on facebook

Adam: Close enough -Vettlemaster7

Choice 3 Google’s attempt to distance themselves from Facebook (Facebook’s “like” button) which essentially reflects their plan to eventually create a social networking site that surpasses Facebook in popularity. (sarcasm-ish) … Basically Google’s +1 feature will allow you to share your opinion pertaining to various forms of searchable content that you found helpful with your friends and family. Instead of heading to Facebook or twitter to check if your friends “like” what you’ve stumbled upon, it will be right in front of you as you search. – Mackenzie Connell

Choice 4 +1 is Google’s copy of the Facebook’s like button and Twitter’s Tweet Button. It is the way of promoting things and telling your friends that you like this thing, so when they go on to this page they come to know that my friend likes and recommends this. – Aditya Chanana

Voting starts now, and ends at 11:59pm PST Sunday. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, in a new TechnoBuffalo Defines post!