San Andreas looks like your typical disaster flick, save for one big difference: this one stars The Rock, who is probably causing these earthquakes because his muscles are so big. Instead of going up against mere mortals, The Rock finds himself against his biggest foe yet: Mother Nature. And what a foe she is.

Los Angelinos have long feared the destructive potential of the sleeping San Andreas fault, and this movie explores what would happen if it went completely off the rails. Fun—and entertaining? It’s one thing to depict the end of days at the hands of some alien race, but it’s a little more morbid to see our cities get decimated by a disaster that could happen, to an extent, any day now. Maybe it’s a little more personal for me since I live in the Southern California area.

Anyway, if you want to see The Rock flex is muscles and rescue the entire human race in a helicopter, then San Andreas looks like the movie for you. I enjoy anything The Rock is in, so, yes, I’m looking forward to this one. Hey, look, that’s my neighborhood being pummeled to the ground by a world-ending earthquake. Mother Nature sure is scary.

San Andreas is set to hit theaters on May 29.