Just in case you need another reason to buy Final Fantasy X again, Square Enix has confirmed the release date of its third and possibly final HD port. Fans can expect to see it and its bundled sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, released on American shelves for the PlayStation 4 this May 12.

Of course, this will be the fourth version of Final Fantasy X that has been sold since its initial PlayStation 2 release in 2002. Both of the previous HD versions were released on the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 last year to widespread success. Gematsu reports that all three versions will support cross-save features with one another, but it will not support cross-buy.

The PlayStation 4 version sports a better resolution than the PlayStation 3 version, and the provided gallery shows a much cleaner and brighter game. I’m a snob, though, and still think the slightly fuzzy PlayStation 2 character models still suit it the best. Unless you’ve already tossed out your previous generation consoles (you fool!), I’m not seeing much reason to buy into this one just yet.

I say that now, but the second it drops to a reasonable price, we all know it’s going directly into my digital collection.

The game’s pre-order bonus is a calendar featuring artwork from the one and only Akitoshi Kawazu, Final Fantasy’s original character artist. I’m not one for pre-order bonuses usually, but this is one I’d have a torturous time saying “no” to if I was on the market for a day-1 purchase.

Again, Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster will be released for the PlayStation 4 on May 12. If nothing else, your money might be enough to tell Square Enix to get to work on giving Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System the same treatment.