Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae is still being played by the Square Enix faithful, and it is still providing Square Enix with important feedback on how to tweak little problems here and there, making a better game in the process. It’s been a mixed bag, but at least it is always showing signs of forward progress.

For instance, we have the latest announcement! Director Hajime Tabata has just announced plans to improve the weapon select system in battle, tackling one of the most cententious issues fans have with the combat.

As it was before, changing weapons in mid-fight proved to be a hassle with the button combinations. Sometimes it would change automatically when not requested, and other times it would change on accident with the input commands being too close to making an attack. Now, though, the game has taken a much more modern approach, assigning weapons to a mere tap of the D-pad.

Four weapons can be assigned to the D-pad’s different directions, making weapon selection in real-time so much easier for players. Weapons will not automatically change in mid-combo anymore unless our hero Noctis uses a special ability that requires a specific weapon.

Final Fantasy XV is very much a work in progress at the moment, evidently because it is still in development, and Tabata’s incremental improvements have really shined a light into how Square Enix tweaks its games into perfection. Listening to the fan feedback is also a new process Square Enix is handling nicely, but I’m hoping it doesn’t become something it leans to heavily on.

Now, if only he had something substantial to show or a release date we can rally around, that would be swell. Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.