Final Fantasy XV’s trophies are now available online for all to read, so be forewarned. There are plenty of spoilers waiting in the list below.

I am risking ten years of avoiding plot details to bring this to you. Yes, it’s a risk I’m willing to take, but we’re about to see how quickly I can copy and paste without actually reading the content. One… two… three…

  • The World Wanderer” Collected all trophies.
  • Insomnia’s Walking Nightmare” Completed the Prologue.
  • Departure” Completed Chapter 1.
  • No Turning Back” Completed Chapter 2.
  • The Open World” Completed Chapter 3.
  • Living Legend” Completed Chapter 4.
  • Dark Clouds” Completed Chapter 5.
  • A Way Forward” Completed Chapter 6.
  • Party of Three” Completed Chapter 7.
  • Seaworthy” Completed Chapter 8.
  • Callings” Completed Chapter 9.
  • The Heart of a King” Completed Chapter 10.
  • In the Dark” Completed Chapter 11.
  • End of Days” Completed Chapter 12.
  • Redemption” Completed Chapter 13.
  • Chosen King” Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.
  • Learner’s Permit” Drove the Regalia.
  • Chocobo Jockey” Rode a Chocobo.
  • Regalia Pilot” Flew the Regalia Type-F.
  • Quadruple Threat” Equipped four weapon slots.
  • Faithful Heir” Collected thirteen royal arms.
  • New Power” Learned first ability.
  • Self-Improved” Activated 20 ability nodes.
  • Self-Mastered” Activated 50 ability nodes.
  • Angling Rookie” Improved fishing level for the first time.
  • Survival Rookie” Improved survival level for the first time.
  • Photo Rookie” Improved photography level for the first time.
  • Cooking Rookie” Improved cooking level for the first time.
  • Angling Expert” Reached maximum fishing level.
  • Survival Expert” Reached maximum survival level.
  • Photo Expert” Reached maximum photography level.
  • Cooking Expert” Reached maximum cooking level.
  • Just Hangin’ Around” Performed first point-warp suspension.
  • Brother-in-Arms” Issued first ally command.
  • Blind Spot” Performed first blindside link.
  • Noct You Like a Hurricane” Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.
  • The Power of Kings” Called forth the Armiger for the first time.
  • Magical Worker” Crafted a spell for the first time.
  • Black Mage” Used magic for the first time.
  • Divine Intervention” Summoned one of the Six for the first time.
  • High Five for Justice” Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.
  • Immortal Photobomb” Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.
  • Spinning a Yarn I” Completed first sidequest.
  • Spinning a Yarn II” Completed 5 sidequests.
  • Spinning a Yarn III” Completed 10 sidequests.
  • Spinning a Yarn IV” Completed 20 sidequests.
  • Spinning a Yarn V” Completed 40 sidequests.
  • Weaving a Tapestry” Completed 80 sidequests.
  • My First Hunt” Completed first hunt.
  • Tortoise Toppler” Defeated the adamantoise.

Whew that was close, I don’t like leaked trophies

Alright, now that that’s over, I’m safe. The only ones currently legible on my screen is “Defeat the adamantoise,” but the was always obviously going to be a trophy. The giant turtle was present in Final Fantasy XV’s reveal trailer, and it has always been a classic boss battle that takes Final Fantasy parties to the brink.

Otherwise, the trophies are there, and they exist. I gave up trophy and achievement hunting a long time ago, but Final Fantasy XV could possibly have a strong enough lure to pull me back in. We’re now less than a week away, so anything is game!

Final Fantasy XV launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.