Final Fantasy XV is a game so big that even when its publisher kind of decides a three-month window for when it may or maybe not be released, it still makes headline news!

In an interview with GameKult, translated my Gematsu, Director Hajime Tabata says the release window has been “roughly decided,” but it might be later than we all would like. Addressing a question regarding work force and time, Tabata states:

“The number of developers on the project is actually a serious issue. We’re going to need a little more manpower as we start working towards the master build, so we’ve started recruiting more developers.

However, a target in terms of which year and season the game will be released has been roughly decided. It might be a little bit after what you’re probably hoping for, though.”

Well, he’s 100 percent correct, because I was hoping for this game to be released at least two or three years ago back when it was Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

Taking it a bit more seriously though, this is an entirely new game from when it was just a Final Fantasy XIII spin-off, and Tabata claims that development of its current state only started relatively recently. He has a history of making fun games with a small budget and fast paced deadlines, so if he needs a bit more time to make a bigger console-quality Final Fantasy game, then I’m in total support.

Final Fantasy XV is often seen as both the last of the old Square Enix and the start of the new Square Enix. It is still old in that it originated from a time when Square Enix ran its business with a 90s mentality of seniority within its halls, and new in that it was turned over to a director who understands the speed of the modern gaming world and how effective things like viral marketing can help boost development.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII proved that… competent single-player Final Fantasy games can be made in two years with Square Enix’s new model. Let’s give the man some space, and he’ll deliver your game.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can take your first crack at it in a pack in demo with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is released on March 17.