Square Enix finally launched the highly anticipated patch that was supposed to upgrade the frame rate of Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4 to 60FPS. However, Digital Foundry ran its usual tests and found that the game can best be described as “wildly unstable.”

Unlocked framerates often dip into the 30-50fps range, and the frame-pacing issues that were present in the game’s previous High option have not yet been fixed. Likewise, the Lite version, the one which previously let you play at a constant 30fps, has been removed, meaning you can’t play the game with any stability at all now.

The performance wasn’t the only thing Square Enix aimed to improve with this patch. A list of further additions and screenshots were released alongside it.

  • Two songs from the NieR series added to the music player as part of the NieR: Automata collaboration.
  • Support for up to 60fps on PS4 4 Pro Lightweight Mode
  • Added timed quests.
  • Level cap increased to 120
  • Increased number of photos that can be saved to 120
  • Implemented the use of music player when riding the chocobo
  • Varfious bugs fixed.

Annoying, but not a game-breaker

It’s hard to despise a broken patch for a game that’s already beloved for its broken glitches and systems. Final Fantasy XV is a lot of things, but smooth is not one of them. If you’re the kind of person who is bothered by the minute blemishes in performance and polish, then you’re probably not even playing Final Fantasy XV in the first place.

If you’re a person who just plays games without worrying about the numbers, this isn’t a game-breaker. Square Enix will fix it, and you’ll get your 60fps at some point down the line.