Everyone is hyped for Final Fantasy XV at this point, and Zeus knows that I’ve pored over every bit of footage that has been made available over the last few weeks. If it’s out there, you can guarantee that Final Fantasy fans have picked up on it. Not a whole lot of mystery remains at this point, from a content perspective at least.

It’s the distribution of the game which raises the most questions. Most fans expect Square Enix to roll out a PC port at some point or another, mostly because every other game in the series has found its way onto Steam over the last two years, but the company remains officially committed to just the console builds. Vehement denials haven’t been enough to change the convinced minds of its loyal followers though.

And for the first time, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata is talking hypotheticals. “If” he decides to go through with a PC version of Final Fantasy XV, he says to JeuxVideo, it won’t be a “simple port.” Instead, Tabata hopes to go back and explore beyond the PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s limitations.

I’m quite positive about the idea of ​​developing a PC version. This version could incorporate things that we were forced to abandon because of the limitations of home consoles. With the PC, this would be an opportunity to release a version far superior in terms of quality and tech. That said, if we choose to develop this project, the development will start from scratch by doing research of what would be the best technology to use.

It might not be a simple port of the console version.

Wow, that’s a change in tone from what we’ve seen over the last few months. Tabata says nothing official and commits to nothing in the interview. However, his responses here are hardly the outright rejections that we’ve seen from him so far. Is he hinting at something? Continue speculation mode as usual!

If” a PC port of Final Fantasy XV was vastly superior to the console versions with new content and better performance, “would” you even bother to pick it up for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One when it launches on Sept. 30. Or “would” you wait? Remember, hypotheticals, people!