I’m a decent chunk of the way into Final Fantasy XV now, and the only thing I can think while playing it is “How can I drag this out?” I simply don’t want the game to end! Square Enix has me covered by finally announcing the content of the first free update.

Director Hajime Tabata explained the update in a press release, thanking fans for playing and spelling out short, middle and long-term goals. The translation of the announcement was done by DualShockers:

Thank you for playing Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV was able to achieve a truly great milestone, shipping five million copies worldwide on its release day. I Would like to express my gratitude to the many who purchased it.

Currently, we have many players all over the world enjoying themselves. I and all of the staff are really pleased by how you  are enjoying this new Final Fantasy.

As promised since before the launch, Final Fantasy XV isn’t just going to end here, and we will continue to update it to provide a richer and richer experience to players all over the world.  As a sign of gratitude for exceeding five million shipments, we decided to considerably strengthen the update plan beyond its original schedule, and inform you of a concrete roadmap.

These updates aim to make the Final Fantasy XV gaming experience richer and let you play for a longer time, including improvements based on feedback from players after release. They will be delivered for free in addition to the DLC already announced, in the short, medium and long term.

And as for the three tiers of goals:

Short term: the team intends to improve the gameplay of chapter 13. For that reason, many enhancements are already in the works, including increasing greatly the power of ring magic. More information on the extent of the improvements and on release date will come at a later date.

Medium term: the team plans to improve the production values of chapter 13, enhancing the story experience. For example, a cutscene will be added answering the question “why did Ravus follow that path?” To add event cutscenes, voice and localization work needs to be done, so the developers will steadily work on this as a medium-term goal. Details on the plan will be provided once they’re firmly in place.

Long term: the team will implement the possibility to use important characters who appear in the story as playable characters. The addition of an avatar system to let players create original characters is also under consideration. In addition to this, the team will continue to update the game actively so that players can enjoy it for a long time.

Is Chapter 13 really that horrible?

I’ve heard nothing but complaints about Chapter 13 and how the whole thing feels rushed. Fans genuinely dread it and claim it nearly derails the whole game. I’m interested in seeing how bad it is, but at the same time, I’m moving through the game at too slow of a pace to get there in a timely fashion. I’m worried I might never get to see it in its original, sloppy, unadulterated form.

Should I pick up the pace, or is it truly a disgusting stain on the game that need not be witnessed?

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No timeline was given for the release of this update.