If you haven’t played Final Fantasy XV yet, then it’s possible you don’t know about Prompto and his ridiculous camera stuff. He’s one of Noctis’ buddies, and he quietly takes pictures of the team during their adventure.

When you make camp or rest for the night, Prompto’s photos appear and show a recap of the day. Maybe you battled beasts, or maybe you sat on a bench. Prompto was there, snappin’ pics.

With the January 24 update for Final Fantasy XV, which is free, players will be able to step up and take pics of their own. Here’s the rub from the patch notes.

Self-Photography Function

  • Allows players to freely take photographs at any time other than during battles.

Sounds great, I loved the photos. I’m not sure I’ll use the feature often when I’m exploring, but it’ll be cool to stop and take a shot whenever I find something I like.

Maybe my photo will be better than Prompto’s. Who knows?